Hope Pizzeria - Hope, NJ
435 Hope Blairstown Rd, Hope

Hope Pizzeria: A new flavor

Sit down, take-out or on the go, the food here at Hope Pizzeria is nothing but the best. It's fresh ingredients, one-of-a-kind recipes and excellent service geared toward foodies looking for high quality and satisfyingly delicious results. Try one of our many oven baked pizzas topped with melted cheese and paired with your choice of toppings, from peppers to onions and olives all the way to sausage, pepperoni and ham. Or dig into one of our calzones packed with ricotta, mozzarella and sizzling meat. You can also share your love of food with our catering options that include eggplant parmigiana, vegetable lasagna and more. So no matter where you're eating or who you're eating with know that we have your food cravings covered. All you have to do is make a meal out of it.